Monday, 8 August 2011

More wood

One of my friends is renovating a house and has a tree cut down in the back garden this week. And today I picked up some of the offcuts to stick in the loft ready for some woodworking…


The Lathe is in place!

I’ve been doing lots of other things recently (I have an allotment, enough said) so the workshop has rather been put on hold, but today I moved the lathe into it’s rightful position…


I just need to bolt it down and I’m good to go. You might notice the concrete pad is wider at the left end – that’s because the floor dips down quite considerably in this side of the workshop. I considered just putting the lath in place, but decided a level lathe would be better.

So, some shuttering, mixing, laying, trowelling and waiting later, I have a level bed for the lathe to sit on.