Friday, 10 December 2010

Disaster, Faceplate turns up, Electrics

Not a good morning. When I got up and went down to my office in the cellar my son had already had his shower, and the wife was just about to jump in to hers. However, the contents of the shower wasn’t making its normal route through the wastepipe but instead had dumped itself into my office. Bah. I can see the day I get to use the lathe getting ever further away.

There was some excitement this morning as the faceplate I ordered has arrived and I’m home for the first day this week too so I’m able to try it. I unpacked it and was immediately dismayed to see that the thread was way too large to fit my lathe, and guessed it must be for a Graduate. Bah.

I emailed the chap and he was surprised it didn’t fit, but there was no quibbling about a refund however I’ll ponder that for a while as getting hold of Jubilee parts is likely to be much more difficult than Graduate spares, and so I may well hold on to this and have a threaded adaptor made up.

In the afternoon I left the soaking cellar and went off to Newton Tesla in Warrington to pickup my rewound motor and electrics package. The motor looked as good as new (well nearly!) and I really want to hook it up and get it working ASAP, but with the cellar problem I'm unlikely to get much free time until that's sorted. I also purchased a switch package that they've made for the Graduate which also fits the Jubilee. It has forward, reverse & stop switches, and also a potentiometer which changes the speed of the lathe. And that little lot all fits in the space where the original switch was. Sweet.

The cold weather isn’t helping either as it’s way too cold in the workshop to paint the lathe at the moment, and I don’t fancy lugging it home to paint it in the cellar as it’s a bit too heavy to cart around.

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