Friday, 11 February 2011

Finally - an outboard faceplate

Since I bought the lathe I’ve been after an outboard faceplate, and after hunting around for a while online (and being sent one that was wrong) I finally have my mitts on one. I popped over to the workshop today to check it was right…



I did at first think it was bent, as when I spun the lathe the outer edge of the faceplate was wobbling. However this was my fault in two places – the threads on the outboard end were partially full of muck (old grease, sawdust, you know the sort of stuff), and hence I’d not managed to screw the faceplate fully home.

After a quick clean with a wire brush and some meths I could screw the faceplate all the way on and sure enough the wobbles were gone. I’m a happy bunny!

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