Sunday, 21 November 2010

My first lathe

I've been working with wood on and off for well over thirty years, and have collected tools since I was a nipper. My 10th Birthday was amazing - I received a wonderful plane, soon followed that Christmas by a Black & Decker electric drill. My passion for tools hasn't subsided and I was lucky enough to buy a small workshop recently so now I have a space to tinker in.

After a fair bit of work (which is ongoing) it was time for a large tool purchase, and the first of these had to be a lathe. I've been lusting after one for years, I nearly bought one 4 years back but other events put paid to that, however now the time was right and so I bought a Union Jubilee lathe from eBay.

This blog goes through my preparation of the lathe and then (hopefully!) will show some finished articles.

The lathe was fairly complete when I picked it up today (21st November 2010) but as you can see from the above image there's a lamp attached to the rear plus a stonking great transformer & switch, and a large Stop button connected to the motor too. I'm planning to remove all of this stuff and return the lathe to something like original condition.

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