Friday, 3 December 2010

An outboard face plate

I found what appeared to be some Jubilee parts online a week or so ago, and I emailed the chap from Quillstar to ask if these were indeed large left hand faceplates for a Jubilee. Today I received an email that he had two, so I sent off a cheque for £40 for one (including P&P). I’ll be really happy to have this – my lathe will then be pretty much complete, and I’ll be able to do outboard as well as inboard turning.

Additionally a chap at work emailed to say he was selling loads of firewood. Not that interesting as such, but all the species were hardwoods, and he was seasoning the wood himself. I wondered – would he have some I could use for turning? Sure enough he was more than happy to oblige, and said he would make a pile for me of anything unusual including burrs. Sweet. Again I have no idea when I’ll be able to pickup this wood (this time it’s in Evesham), but the price of the wood was very reasonable and I can get a cubic metre or so when I go down, so the trip should be worthwhile.

I also hunted out a couple of local wood dealers and found one very close to home – it’s amazing what you find when you go looking! I’ll have to wonder in and buy some bits as it shouldn’t (hopefully!) be too many weeks before I can start turning something. I’m going to use green wood to learn with, as it’ll be cheap, easy to cut, and so I won’t mind messing it up.

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