Monday, 29 November 2010

Peeling away the Peel-Away

I dashed over to the workshop before work and removed the peel-away from the parts I’d covered the night before. Almost all of the paint had come away (yay!) and there were only a few small areas that would need some manual attention. I didn’t have any more time to do anything on the lathe so just uncovered and scraped off as much gunk as I could and left it at that.

Later in the day I received an email from Newton Tesla to say that my motor had been re-wired and in the process they had also found a boatload of sawdust inside the motor casing so had cleaned that out too. The cost for this was £60 which I don’t think is unreasonable – and certainly cheaper than a new motor, plus I don’t have the bother of finding one that fits, or finding a new pulley. I’m away with work for a few days so can’t pick the motor up this week, but I have plenty to do before I wish to reassemble the lathe so that’s not a problem.

In the evening I spoke to my Uncle and discussed the lathe with him, and he happened to mention that my cousins hubby and him had recently cut down a Yew, and whilst some may have been chopped and burnt for firewood (gasp!) there may well be some more left over. Needless to say I asked him to put any he had aside for me. It may be some time before I can pick it up, as I’m in Manchester and it’s in Cornwall, but that won’t matter.

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