Monday, 3 January 2011


We went out for a walk today as it was a nice afternoon and we needed to blow the cobwebs away, and I’d chosen a wooded area on the map as I thought there might be a few small bits lying around that I could take home to practice on.

On the way from the car into the woods I saw some smoke straight ahead, and getting closer noticed that it was a bonfire being tended by a chap and his son. And all around was wood – lots and lots of it.

Needless to say I went over to the chap (who turned out to be the warden), explained my new found hobby and asked if we could take a couple of bits home. He was more than pleased for me to do this, and even provided a wheel barrow for us to cart the Oak (yay!) away with.

So, the walk was somewhat shorter than I’d expected but the result was way better. I now have two large offcuts and a fairly straight branch to play with. And I may have to pop back another day to get some more lumps too. Result.

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