Sunday, 2 January 2011

A new year bowl

Sam and I went over to the workshop this afternoon for a bit of relaxation (I'd intended to get here earlier but as usual other events got in the way). Anyhow we selected a nice piece of Beech that I'd had for Christmas, mounted it up and off we went.

I did the initial rounding off, then let Sam loose with the chisels to cut the outsite curve of the bowl. The tools I have are pretty poor (I'm getting some better ones from my brother in a couple of weeks) so it took us both a while to get the outside sorted.

We then flipped the bowl over (I only have a faceplate at the moment, so did my best to centre it), then we cut the interior. It took ages to get the inner curve to looking satisfactory but I'm still not happy with it however it'll have to do.

We then decided to cut a couple of rings in the outside and I bevelled off the lip of the bowl and here's the finished article...

Not too bad for a first attempt after nearly 30 years (and in Sams case the first time ever). Now I need to get something to finish it with and also I'm lusting after a chuck so that I can centre things much more easily.

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