Saturday, 3 March 2012

An evening of bits & bobs

This evening I tackled a couple of jobs I’ve been putting off for a while, then had some fun.

The first job was to fix some battens to the wall, slide in a shelf, then fit the oven that’s been sat on a brick in the same hole ever since I bought this place (the oven was here, I knew it would come in handy sometime)…


The stuff inside the oven cooking gently is some driftwood, more on that later.

The second job was to build something that I can store my sanding discs in, as at the moment they were all over the place. I just used some spare MDF that was hanging around the place, and whilst now I need to find somewhere for this one to go at least I can now put my hands on a disc when I want one!


Now back to the driftwood. We stayed in a gorgeous cottage near Bude a couple of weeks back and as I was picking up some tools (which can be seen in the background, a large pillar drill and a bandsaw) I took the opportunity to fill the trailer up with whatever I could, and so a bagfull of driftwood came back home with us. My wife wants to make some things for her business, and this evening I dried out some of the wood in my oven and then set to making some tea light holders…

First Tea Light

The first above was just 5 small pieces, the second used some chunkier parts…

Second Tea Light

I need to use a little less glue next time but other than that I’m quite happy with them.

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