Friday, 27 January 2012

Let the finishing begin…

The Sikkens stain I purchased turned up today, along with 100 pairs of rather fetching purple gloves, so armed with these I’m ready to start finishing…


I find it helps to have everything to hand before starting, and with this many pieces to do (35 at last count) it’ll take a while. I’ve already put a sealer coat on, and am planning on 3 coats of the Sikkens product before final assembly.


Here’s a closer look at the parts – I’d forgotten to remove the brass feet I added to the front legs here so had to remove these before I got going. I thought this would add a nice extra touch to the chair, and also keep the moisture a little bit further away from the chair too.

After some while I have all pieces covered with one coat…


The Cetol finish I’ve put on should last a good few years and was easy to apply with just a rag. I bought mine from Decorating Direct who delivered it superbly wrapped – it took me quite a while to extricate the tin from its wrapping.

Now I just have a few more hours of finishing to do over the coming evenings.

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