Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Safe Tools

I’ve a bunch of tools that are very special to me and so I don’t want to lose them – my 10th Birthday present was a plane which was stolen some years back, and since then I’ve not wanted to lose anything else, especially as now I’m the custodian of my late fathers tools.

So it was time to get something sturdy, and over a couple of months last year I managed to get just the thing. They’re now installed in my workshop and filled with tools.


The big on on the right is massive – I could stand up in it before I put everything in, I reckon you could get 4 average sized people in without too much bother. It was a fair old lump to get into place but I had some help and it’s never moving again!

The left hand one is for my less precious tools (there’s a hierarchy going on, you have to be good to get in the large safe). I wonder if other woodworkers have a similar categorisation of their tools…

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